Kala met Jared in a big house in Silver Lake. Around Halloween. 2003. Richard came out from Florida for a visit. The trio played through VU songs; most likely “Pale Blue Eyes,” “I’m Sticking With You” or “Femme Fatale.” Richard left. Kala and Jared wrote their first song together. It was “Open Letter To Jenny.” Then they wrote “You’ve Got Darkness” and “The Other Side of Sunset.” Not sure in what order. They called themselves Birdie. Like the musical Bye Bye Birdie. However, there was another Birdie band. They didn’t want to call themselves Wolf Birdie so they added a third “i.” Kala and Jared, now Biirdie, began to record these songs and others on their computer. It was a Dell 8100. Richard returned. He played drums on the recorded songs. The trio soon had their first recorded album of songs. They called it Morning Kills The Dark. This was a lyric from the album’s last song, “California Is Waiting.” Biirdie played shows all over the United States to promote MKTD. They played in big cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. They also played in smaller cities like Youngstown, Ohio and Melbourne, Florida. Sometimes the band played as three. Sometimes they played as seven or eight. Soon there were no more shows to be played. The band went home to Los Angeles. Richard worked at the Mexican TV station. Kala began to teach. Jared worked at Everloving and with composer Mike Andrews. To be continued….

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