Army of Me

Most people are surprised to find out that Army of Me’s singer and songwriter Vince Scheuerman is a scientist. His songs are so human — filled with characters, imagery and dialogue more akin to a dreamer than a scientist. But Vince already has a degree from University of Maryland in Mechanical Engineering. Because Army of Me is now touring almost full-time, Scheuerman had to quit the day job looking at atoms with a high powered microscope. But, he hasn’t given up his scientific mind, or his quest for knowledge. In many ways, he has approached his songwriting as a scientist would, observing, hypothesizing, dissecting, and experimenting. All the while, he’s maintained an awareness that songwriting should not be formulaic, but rather come from the heart and from the soul.

So scientist or dreamer, the songs pour out of Vince, touching on friendship, betrayal, war, religion, and love. They’re universal themes expressed in a distinctive voice. And they’re spoken with conviction that Army of Me is a great band, and that they have something to say.

AND THE REST OF THE ARMY… Every band needs a calm, cohesive force to keep the ship sailing smoothly. For Army of Me, that’s bass player John Hutchins. He and Vince are childhood friends, and as Vince would say, “John is the most original person I’ve ever met.” Dennis Manuel has character and you can hear it in his expressive and dynamic drumming. And if you get a chance to speak with him, you will find out he’s pretty accomplished in the world of sound/engineering/recording, and has a not so secret fetish for physics. Add newcomer Brad Tursi and his edgy guitar work to the mix, and youíll soon see (and more importantly HEAR) that Army of Me is a band, a unit, a family with the feeling that all are irreplaceable.

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