Summer Blanket

Before we all turn into Stepford wives, listen to Charm Wrestling, the debut album from Summer Blanket, and soak up the regret and heartbreak of Keith Michaud’s voice as it glides over the dystopia of South Florida with achingly beautiful, blissful rock and the pastoral hues of something straining to break out of this water-logged state.” Charm Wrestling, Named Best Album of the Past 12 Months, 2004 :: Keith Michaud named songwriter of the year by the Broward County New Times 2005.

Sophomore efforts can be a stick in the craw, with all its expectations. Summer Blanket’s local press threw humbling accolades at the group for its debut. And there was even the occasional nod from notoriously fickle online zines. But when you’re an artist still trying to make a name for yourself, you can breathe easy. Rest assured there was no pressure here.

Summer Blanket’s debut, Charm Wrestling, was a deeply personal collection of mostly intimate folk-tinged tunes by Keith Michaud. However, when they took to the studio the second time around, Keith and Co. went in search of something bigger.

Whisper Louder.

By name, it hints at what you can expect in the follow up. Bigger guitars, bigger production. Reinvention was not necessary to assuage fans and critics, but it did happened naturally. The band would like to think you’ll find a marked evolution in the songs and production value.

Michaud and his merry band of musicians holed themselves up for three weeks, once again in Matt Cohen’s Morning Drinker Studios in Pompano Beach, Florida. What came out of the sessions was nothing short of astounding. Gone are the intimate folk tunes, but what remains is the personal intimacy of the lyrics and delivery. We think that Whisper Louder speaks volumes.

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