Famous musicians favorite activities – From longboarding to surfing

Musicians are always interested in living a life that is full of fun and entertainment. They love to play several games and go to several adventurous places and they always keep themselves engaged in several activities that may make them feel amazing. Everybody loves to have a huge crowd of his fans but sometimes this crowd becomes a headache and you want to go miles away from this crowd.

Similarly, the musicians also get tired when they are surrounded by a huge crowd of fans, therefore, they keep themselves engaged in several activities where they can stay away from these massive crowds and enjoy the amazing moments of their life with their friends. Today, we are going to talk about the activities that most of the famous musicians like to try in their life.

This will help you gain more information about your favorite musicians. If you’re a big fan of a musician, you may also start participating in that activity. Here are the favorite activities of the famous musicians that they like to try in their spare time.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was a very famous musician of the past century as he composed many heart touching songs. He was a very big fan of longboarding and he loved playing this sport in his spare time. The reason why he loved playing this sport was that it enabled him to have lots of fun and entertainment.


Rihana is the most famous musician of the present era. She has composed sung many incredible songs over the past few years and has become one of the most popular musicians of this decade. Rihana has a very big fan following around the world but only a few of the fans are aware that Rihana is a big fan of surfing and she likes to go to several parts of the world to enjoy this incredible sport. Sometimes, the fans gather around her and do not let her enter the water but she is extremely good at this sport that she does not let anyone come around her. If you’re a big fan of Rihana, you must start participating in this amazing sport.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a very famous musician and almost all the youngsters and adults know this rock star. He is a young musician, therefore, he likes participating in activities that almost all the youngsters and adults like. He has been spotted several times riding on his electric scooter and he even confessed in an interview that he is a big fan of electric scooters and he likes to travel on the electric scooter while the fans are not around. This AuthorityAdviser 2018 buyer’s guide to best adult scooters will help you understand that why electric scooters are becoming so popular.