En Masse

Jake Brown began working on what would eventually become En Masse in the summer of 2005, just about the time his bands moments in grace and decahedron called it quits. He recorded somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 songs on his laptop. Near the end of the summer, Jake hooked up with close friends from all over the state of Florida. Steve Kleisath (Further Seems Forever), Eric Jernigan (City Of Ships) and guitarist TJ Stein (Exhaustra) came together to finalize the line up.

Showing an instant ability to gel, they played their first shows after only a handful of practices. What’s come from the collaboration is a collection of atmospheric mood pieces best suited for a film soundtrack. In fact, J. Robbins, who will be producing the band’s debut, may have put it best by referring to En Masse as Tragic Sci-Fi. Creating new sub-genres aside, the band successfully blends the darker material from New Wave/Goth stalwarts like the Church and Bauhaus with the ambient soundscapes of Brian Eno, and some good old-fashioned indie rock.

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